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The Royal Parks has embarked on an exciting and ambitious journey to develop a Movement Strategy that will influence park visitor movement and transport throughout our parks and London.

As we look to the challenges ahead, we continue to be proactive to ensure our parks are here for future generations. Part of this process has been the development of an organisational Movement Strategy that will support the future health of our parks while also linking to the overall health and happiness of the city. Please see the final Strategy below.

Next steps

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What is the Movement Strategy?

The Movement Strategy sets a long-term vision for how park visitors will move within, access and subsequently experience the parks.

The strategy includes a comprehensive exploration of all movement and access related issues and opportunities that are relevant to the parks both now and into the foreseeable future.

This includes (but is not limited to) increasing safety for all park users, reducing the impact of vehicle-based traffic and reducing conflict between different users.

Engagement results

Throughout this process, we have asked the public for feedback around the development of our Movement Strategy. Please see the summary of the results, below.

Movement Strategy 2020

June 2020

Phase One Summary Report

November 2019

Discussion Paper

May 2019


Read the Insight Reports for each of our parks

We have interpreted the Phase One results to produce a set of Insight Reports that reflect the outcomes in relation to each of our parks:

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