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St. James's Park

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  • A bee landing on a lavender plant
    Hyde Park

    Flower power and LGBT+ history

    For LGBT+ History Month we look at four flowers which are powerful symbols for LGBT+ communities - and where you can find them in the Royal Parks.

  • A Queen buff tail Bumblebee sourcing nectar from a flower

    The Queen bees need you!

    Between 21 Feb – 1 March we’re monitoring when the first Queen Bumblebee’s emerge from hibernation, and we need your help.

  • Gay Pride Banner
    Hyde Park

    The history of Gay Pride at Hyde Park, London

    On 1st July 1972, a crowd of a few hundred people marched from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, making a stand for gay people everywhere.

  • A black and white group image of Second World War United States airmen. Trees and huts in Bushy Park can be seen behind.
    Bushy Park

    Bushy Park's own 'Masters of the Air'

    When you’re taking a walk through Bushy Park it can be hard to imagine that the park has a fascinating military past.

  • A man giving the peace sign in Hyde Park

    Nature's impact on mental health & wellbeing

    Discover the healing power of nature for mental health. Learn how outdoor activities and connecting with nature boost wellbeing with The Royal Parks.

  • Frosty scene of Longford River in winter

    Festive things to do in the Royal Parks this winter

    Delve into the magic of winter with serene strolls under frosted trees and seasonal activities that give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

  • A view looking down the Grand Ascent over Greenwich Park toward Canary Wharf, it is a sunny day and the sky is blue as the volunteers start digging the trench in the foreground.
    Greenwich Park

    A dig with a grand view

    Over the past few months, the archaeology team have been working on the Grand Ascent, the slope below the General Wolfe statue.

  •  Rowan tree in the cemetery

    The trees of the Royal Parks

    As the biggest plants on the planet, the trees in the Royal Parks give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to London’s wildlife.

  • A photo of Alice Elizabeth Jarman
    Kensington Gardens

    The Story of Alice Elizabeth Jarman

    The story of one woman’s tragic murder – a glimpse into women’s lives, wartime London and the history of Kensington Gardens.

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