Schools and large group playground bookings for the Diana memorial Playground
Kensington Gardens

Schools and large group playground bookings

If you would like to bring a group of children to the Diana Memorial Playground you should book ahead using our online booking system.

Please have the following information to hand:

  • Contact person (name and contact phone number)
  • Name of the School/Nursery/Scheme (Institution's phone number)
  • Date of visit: 1st and 2nd choice
  • Number and age of children
  • Ratio of carers to children
  • Visiting times.

To cope with the huge number of school requests, which almost exclusively focus on the 10:00am - 2:00pm time, and to manage space in the interest of the individual visitors, we offer to groups the following time slots to choose from:

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Each slot can accommodate a maximum group of 35 children from the same school - one class of children with a required number of supervising adults.

Owing to a small size of our team it may take 3 working days before you receive a confirmation. Once full details are received and availability checked your booking will be confirmed via e-mail.

On busy days we may have no option but to refuse entry to groups turning up without a prior booking confirmation. Please be aware of this restriction to avoid children being disappointed when entry is refused.

Parking Arrangements

No mini bus, coach or private vehicle is permitted access directly to the playground.

Playground Conditions of Entry

Upon arrival any group in excess of 10 should report to the playground staff to register their visit. Please enter your school name and contact number into the diary. Please advise staff of the duration of your visit and whether any of your school party has special needs.

The minimum supervision level is 1:8 staff/child ratio.

On fine sunny summer days when the playground is busy or where you have children below 5 years of age we require a 1:5 adult/child ratio.

Failure to meet this staffing requirement may result in your group being refused entry.

Groups of 35 or more are required to split into 2 groups with one group using the playground and the other the surrounding areas of Kensington Gardens with the two groups changing over halfway through the visit. Dictated by operational necessity we welcome a maximum of 70 children with appropriate ratio of adults on a day visit.

If you intend to picnic with your group we advise that you all exit the playground and use the larger open spaces around the playground.

If any of the adult carers leaves the playground with the intention of returning, please ensure the playground staff are aware of this otherwise problems with regaining access may occur. Children should not be allowed to enter or leave the playground without an adult carer.

Before children enter the playground for the first time we request you inform your pupils that we do have a code of conduct:

  • Exclusive use of any one piece of equipment or area is not permissible.
  • Running and chasing in-groups will endanger other children.
  • Playing in the shrubberies can risk an injury to eyes. Please keep out.
  • Playing with sticks, throwing stones and sand is dangerous.
  • Avoid Jumping off heights where others are running around below.
  • The toilets are not games rooms, play outside.
  • Organised games and team sports are not permitted within the playground.
  • Enjoy yourself and let other children too.

Safety Note

There is one gate in and out of the playground. It is suggested that at least one staff member stays near to the gate to ensure no child in the group attempts to leave the playground. The playground is a garden with compartmented areas and a group of children cannot be supervised from one vantage point. Please ensure your supervising staff spread out so the whole playground has visual cover.

Risk Assessments and safety notes

If you are required to carry out a risk assessment prior to your visit to the playground you can enter as an unaccompanied adult between 9.30 am - 10.00 am before the playground opens to children. This facility is available seven days a week.


Please supervise your group of children as other children and parents also use this facility.

Drinking water / Refreshments

There is a drinking water tap located on the edge of the water feature. There is also an onsite catering kiosk selling drinks, ice creams and light meals.


The playground staff will assist with First Aid. Please report when a child has been injured.

In the event of a serious incident please alert the playground staff or call the Police Tel. 0300 123 1212 or dial 999.

School groups are advised to bring a first aid kit with them to deal with minor incidents.

Following your visit if you have encountered any difficulties please let us know so we can try and improve on our arrangements.

It is recommended that you count your children at the beginning and end of your trip and at anytime you intend to leave the playground.