Hanover Gate playground
The Regent's Park & Primrose Hill

Hanover Gate playground

Hanover Gate Playground is located on the west side of The Regent’s Park, next to the children’s boating lake.

It is a traditional playground for younger children with and a timber tree house section, built within a giant sand pit, for older, more adventurous kids.

Age range

Suitable for children up to the age of 12


Children's toilets
Baby change unit in the communal area of the girls' toilet block

Opening times

January 10am-4pm
February 10am-5pm
March (GMT) 10am-6pm
March (BST) 10am-7pm
April 10am-7:30pm
May 10am-7:30pm
June 10am-7:30pm
July 10am-7:30pm
August 10am-7:30pm
September 10am-7pm
October (BST) 10am-6pm
October (GMT) 10am-5pm
November 10am-4pm
December 10am-4pm

The playground is closed all day on 25th December.