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Discover The Royal Parks

As a charity, we're dedicated to protecting and enhancing 5,000 acres of green space across London, nurturing habitats, preserving history, and ensuring free access for all to enjoy.

Did you know...

  • We grow half a million flowers annually, painting your parks with vibrant colours for your perfect selfie backdrop.
  • We plant 150,000 pollinator-friendly bulbs and wildflower plugs, inviting bees and butterflies to thrive.
  • We protect 7,000 wildlife species within the parks, so that every stroll is a chance to encounter nature's wonders.

We look after 170,000 trees and shrubs so that you can relax in countless shaded spots.

We enhance 100 acres of ponds and lakes, supporting wildlife, such as kingfishers, dragonflies and newts, to create tranquil sanctuaries where you can soak up the sounds of nature.

We are up at dawn to clear the litter so that you can enjoy stepping out into beautiful surroundings.

We champion physical and mental wellness, welcoming 20,000 weekly participants in sports and recreational activities. 

We maintain 14 playgrounds for children to safely enjoy natural play, and we welcome over 34,000 families, schools, and adults annually through our learning programmes to explore and discover the parks.

We preserve 197 historic monuments and buildings. We host 30 major events each year. We tell the stories of the parks' rich heritage.

And we do all this to make sure everyone feels welcomed in these beautiful parks, so that whatever your reason for visiting, there is always something for you to enjoy.

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Supporting our work

Managing the Royal Parks costs £60 million annually, with 80% of funding reliant on donations. Your support is vital in preserving these green spaces, home to wildlife, London's history, and cherished memories.

Every donation, big or small, helps maintain these spaces for future generations to enjoy. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our volunteers, whose 36,000 hours of time given last year, alongside donors, including those from Team Royal Parks Half Marathon, contributed £504,350, making our work possible.

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