A crouched man taking a photograph of a flowerbed
Richmond Park

Photography Competition: Creating Spaces for Life

Thank you to everyone who entered our ‘Creating Spaces for Life’ photography competition. The Royal Parks span over 5,000 acres across London and we believe that the parks create spaces for life every single day. Whether that’s creating a space for wildlife to call home or creating a space for budding flowers to bloom. That’s why this spring, we asked members of the public to submit photographs showing the life that thrives within the Royal Parks.  

We received so many incredible entries, all showcasing why we believe that the Royal Parks create spaces for life every single day.

From pelicans to cardinal beetles and from ancient trees to first blooms, we were blown away by the variety of life that so many talented photographers were able to capture across all of the Royal Parks.

It wasn’t easy to pick our winners from all the wonderful images we received, but we are so pleased to be sharing our winners for each category below. Congratulations to them!


For entrants aged 15 and under.

A swan in mid-flight
'Flying Free' by Matthew Hill
1st Place Flying Free Matthew Hill
2nd Place New Life! David Hunter
3rd Place Endangered Living Ace Sommerfeld
Highly Commended The Tree of Wonder Harrison Cox

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Young Adult

For entrants aged 16 to 25.

Close-up of a Robin
'Robin - Wild and Free' by Ellee Golding-Walker
1st Place Robin - Wild and Free Ellee Golding-Walker
2nd Place Order-nary Growth Eliam Lau
3rd Place A New Beginning Aarna Adarkar
Highly Commended Duck and Cover Visva Moorthy

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For entrants aged 26 and over.

Silhouette of a moorhen running on water
'Walking on Water' by Edwin De A Godinho
1st Place Walking on Water Edwin De A Godinho
2nd Place Fox or Pointer Lee Tilley
3rd Place Space for Nettles and Bugs that Love Them Rebecca Harvey
Highly Commended Afternoon Stroll Anna Matczuk
Highly Commended Star Nicholas Kemp

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If you have any questions, please contact Sophie Wilby at competition@royalparks.org.uk.


Please remember to #keepwildlifewild