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Celebrating Kensington Garden’s famous fictional resident, the bronze statue features Peter Pan surrounded by squirrels, rabbits, mice and fairies.

You can find the Peter Pan statue to the west of the Long Water, in the same spot as Peter lands his bird-nest boat in the story, ‘The Little White Bird.’

Peter Pan creator and local resident JM Barrie was inspired by Kensington Gardens. He commissioned Sir George Frampton to build the statue which has been a favourite feature of the gardens since 1912.

Bring the Peter Pan statue magically to life with your smartphone, as part of Talking Statues. Simply swipe your phone on the nearby plaque and get a personal call-back from Peter Pan.

Landscaping work

From 4th March 2018 work will begin to improve the area surrounding our famous Peter Pan statue, which will continue for four weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

Our aims are to:

  1. Enhance the landscape setting of the statue, creating a garden that evokes the ‘magic’ of Peter Pan
  2. Improve accessibility to the statue.

Artists impression of the Peter Pan Playground following resurfacing works An artists impression of the Peter Pan Playground following the current resurfacing works.

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