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The Regent's Park is the biggest outdoor sports area in central London. We operate a seasonal sports programme with football, rugby and lacrosse in winter and cricket, softball and touch rugby during the summer.

To request a sports pitch, select from the following two sports seasons:

Summer sports pitches

Our summer sports season operates between Saturday 21 April to Friday 24 August 2018.

The available sports pitches are:

  • Cricket (bookings from 26 Feb)
    • 4x Cricket Pitches
    • 1x Premium Cricket Pitch
    • 1x Junior Cricket Pitch (Under 13s only)
    • 4x Cricket Nets
  • Softball (bookings from 5 March)
    • 21x Softball Pitches
  • Touch Rugby
    • 4x Touch Rugby Pitches
  • Rounders (bookings from 5 March)
    • 1x Rounders Pitch
  • Running Tracks
    • 1x Running Track

Make a booking enquiry for:

Cricket nets onlyAll other pitches

Winter sports pitches

From Saturday 8 September 2018 until Sunday 31 March 2019.

Available sports pitches:

  • Football
    • 9x Adult Football Pitches
    • 15x Mini Football Pitches (U16s only)
    • 2x 9 v 9 Football Pitches (u16s only)
    • 1x Junior 11 a-side Football Pitch (U16s only)
  • Rugby
    • 3x Rugby Pitches
  • Lacrosse
    • 1x Lacrosse Pitch

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Looking after our pitches

We aim to provide high quality sports pitches and to do so need to maintain and rest the playing surface at various times throughout the year.

We spend in excess of £250,000 per annum on the upkeep of the sports pitches in Regent’s Park.

We do not make a profit from the charges so we ask you respect our policy of keeping off the sports pitches if you do not have a booking.

Informal play areas

You may see pitches that are not being used but this doesn't mean they are free to play on. We regularly rest and carry out maintenance work on the sports pitches to ensure their high quality throughout the year.

Informal games are allowed in non-marked sports pitch areas. In the summer you can find these in Marylebone Green and Cumberland Green East.

There are few informal play areas around the Hub, therefore we ask you not to base your informal games in this area as you will be asked to move if you play on a sports pitch which you haven't book.

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