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Upcoming events in Greenwich Park

Find out about the upcoming events that are happening in Greenwich Park.

Gardens and landscapes

Learn about the beautiful gardens and landscapes of Greenwich Park including the Herb Garden, Rose Garden and The Queen's Orchard.

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum includes the Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory and is open to visitors.

The Meridian Line

The meridian line in Greenwich represents the Prime Meridian of the world, Longitude Zero

The Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory is the home of Greenwich Mean Time, the Prime Meridian and London's only Planetarium.

Monuments, memorials and statues

Learn about the various monuments, memorials and statues located in Greenwich Park.


Greenwich Park is of major historic importance and a World Heritage Site. It is also a Grade 1 listed landscape and a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation

Sports and leisure

Greenwich Park offers a range of sports including tennis and cricket. You can also bring along your frisbee or football for some informal fun.

Ancient Greenwich

Find out about ancient burial grounds and remains discovered in Greenwich Park.

Children's playgrounds

Let your little ones play and explore in the newly renovated Greenwich Park playground.

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