Artist’s birds-eye view of the new garden set within the Park
The Regent's Park & Primrose Hill

A garden to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II

We are currently developing proposals for a new garden in The Regent’s Park to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The garden will transform a disused plant nursery into a beautiful tranquil two-acre garden, with significant benefits to nature.


The new garden will be located in the heart of The Regent’s Park, tucked behind the Espresso Bar on the Broad Walk, and metres away from the Avenue Gardens.  The new garden will be accessible via four new entrances.

History of the site

The site once grew shrubs and plants for London’s eight Royal Parks but following the opening of the Hyde Park Nursery in 2018, it was decommissioned. This site will now return two acres of public green space to central London.


Demolition of the former plant nursery is due to take place in Spring 2024, with construction earmarked to start in late 2024. The new garden is expected to open in 2026, to mark what would have been the late Queen’s 100th birthday.

The design of the new garden

We have appointed London based Landscape Architect HTA Design LLP, who have extensive experience of designing public parks and historic landscapes. They have previously delivered award-winning landscapes, including the Jellicoe Water Gardens in Hemel Hempstead and the Bexhill on Sea Promenade.

Sketch plan proposals for the garden
Sketch plan proposals for the garden

The straight path that runs through the garden will represent the late Queen’s unwavering loyalty and service with each end offering a moment of quiet reflection.  At the southern main entrance, visitors will be greeted by a large pond complete with seating and a pergola.

The central promenade will be bisected by a meandering path which will lead the visitor through a series of beautiful landscapes. A network of small-scale informal paths will allow visitors to wander through the planting and explore the garden further.

The plants chosen for the garden will be wildlife-friendly and will be designed to create a vibrant year-round horticultural display. The garden will include plant species that were significant to Queen Elizabeth II’s life.

The new garden will deliver a huge boost to biodiversity in the form of hedgerows, trees, meadows, wildlife-attracting plants and a new pond. Plants and trees will be selected that can adapt to the UK’s changing climate.

We plan to create a series of structures that includes a pergola with climbing plants, and we will transform a disused water tower into an accessible viewing platform that will provide elevated views of the new garden.


The garden is designed to be welcoming to all, with wide, even paths and frequent places to stop, sit and reflect. The main path network has been designed to be fully accessible.


We will promote a circular economy to minimise waste, pollution and environmental impact, and we aim to re-use a substantial amount of demolition material in the new garden, such as crushed concrete, brick and steelwork. 

Have your say on the new garden 

The consultation questionnaire closed on 28 January, but we anticipate further engagement events in the coming year. Many thanks to the 700+ respondents who gave their thoughts on the garden design. 

If you wish to add further comment or question, please email us at quoting ‘New garden at The Regent’s Park’.