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  • Frog in a pond

    Feely frogspawn

    Get hands-on and make your very own frogspawn from tapioca and food colouring.

  • View from the top of Primrose Hill

    Guided walking tours

    Description to follow

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  • Schools and large group playground bookings for the Diana memorial Playground

    Schools and large group bookings

    Schools and large group bookings for the Diana Memorial Playground

  • People horse riding in Hyde Park
    Hyde Park

    Horse riding

    Find out more about the two specialist horse riding arenas in Hyde Park and the designated routes.

  • Speakers Corner in Hyde Park
    Hyde Park

    Speakers' Corner

    Speakers' Corner is a traditional site for public speeches and debates since the mid 1800's when protests and demonstrations took place in Hyde Park.

  • Most families spend 1-2 hours at Discovery Days but you are invited to join for as long or as little time as you wish.

  • The activities will run from 11:00 until 15:00 and you do not need to arrive at a certain time. We recommend arriving before 14:30 so you have time to explore before closing time.

  • Crooms Hill view in Greenwich Park
    Greenwich Park

    Code of conduct for Fitness training licences

    Code of conduct for Fitness training licences