Hyde Park in summer
Hyde Park

Welcome to Hyde Park

For hundreds of years, visitors have flocked here to party, protest and play. 

Key information

Opening times (pedestrian gate)
5am - 12am

Food & drink available

Shop open 10am - 5pm, 7 days a week

Gardens to inspire your mind and restore your soul

From the blazing colours of the Rose Garden in full bloom, to the quiet sanctuary of the Dell, Hyde Park’s gardens are the perfect place to escape everyday life, and de-stress.

The Hyde Park Rose Garden 

Some visitors say you can smell it before you see it. The Hyde Park Rose Garden in full summer bloom in June and July is a showstopper – a blaze of colour and heady scent. Many of the flowers will make it right through to first frosts.

Stand for a moment, feast your eyes. Then close them – and breathe. Gardens are definitely good for our wellbeing.

Two landmark Hyde Park fountains are here as well – the Boy and Dolphin Fountain and Diana the Huntress Fountain.

Discover the delights of The Dell

Down beside the Serpentine Lake, you may notice a cascading waterfall, and close by is a true garden-lovers’ delight – The Dell. Walk by this secluded ‘garden-within-a-garden’ in spring and you’ll be rewarded with a meadow of early flowers. You’ll also discover an alpine meadow, and the wonderfully named Nannie’s Lawn, where Edwardian nannies were said to wheel their prams.

The wilder side of Hyde Park

Even in the middle of the largest park in Central London, you can escape to a wilder, more naturalised landscape. Use our map to hunt out the Hudson memorial. William Hudson believed that every park should have a place where nature had the upper hand. So the green lawns here have been naturalised, and resown with wildflowers, making it a haven for wildlife. Sit here and you’ll see many smaller birds from the goldcrest, Britain’s tiniest bird, to the many wrens, bluetits and great tits.

You’re really close to other amazing gardens! Cross over into Kensington Gardens and stroll the 400m long Flower Walk or the Italian Gardens.  And if it’s spring – don’t miss the drifts of thousands of daffodils in both St. James’s Park and The Green Park

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome in Hyde Park but you’ll need to keep your dog on a lead in the Rose Garden and around the Serpentine Lake.


Be inspired. Get closer to nature.

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  • The Rose Garden in Hyde Park

    The Rose Garden in Hyde Park

    A spectacular garden featuring rose planting mixed with herbaceous planting to create rich seasonal flower beds and strong scents.